Saturday, December 1, 2012

Moving from the city to Fairfield County I was skeptical about finding reliable sushi. When I first met my husband his family religiously went to a restaurant called East. It was in a very unassuming shopping mall - the one with Michael's Craft Store - but had amazing sushi. Top-quality fish, sophisticated dishes that would rival top sushi chefs in Manhattan. Unfortunately, East changed ownership and we no longer go there (quality went down the tubes).

One of the owners from East went on to open an amazing restaurant in New Haven called Miso. It was the best of East plus more. Omakase at the sushi bar with Jason, the owner, is the way to go. You can tweak the dishes by telling him what you like or don't do sushi-wise. But, New Haven is a trek so we don't get there very often. But let me tell you my friends, this is 110% worth the drive. I could eat there every day and not get sick of it. 

This week, Pink Sumo Sushi & Saki Bar opened in Westport behind Patagonia. I admit I went twice - once with a girl friend and once with my husband. Both times I thought the food was delicious and inventive. 

The decor is cute, kind of upscale I guess for a sushi place, but casual with sports on the TVs at the bar. The chef urged us to try the lobster sashimi special, but it's not one of my favorite textures. I am sure it's good though. The Web site says the chef at Pink Sumo was formerly of Nobu, but doesn't say in what capacity. Still, the fish was super fresh and yummy.

The middle dish was my favorite. I couldn't find their menu online to link to, but I remember it was fluke wrapped around avocado and greens. So yummy. The last photo is the Sumo Cup. There are four and each have a different fish on top. Mmmm. We can also vouch for the calamari salad, rock shrimp appetizer, bollywood roll and mango tango roll. So good!

Only slight disappointment was the toro appetizer special. It was a tartare but it was a little too cold. I am guessing they pre-formed the tartar and kept it cold before dinner service. I told my hubby I would rather have cold sushi than warm sushi! It was definitely delicious though and high quality toro.

Still, if I had to choose my last meal before the apocalypse, it would be omakase at Sushi of Gari. Nothing better. 

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