Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Heart Paper

I have a definite love for all paper goods. I know, not exactly environmentally conscious, but I can't help it and I use it all. I am not a cheesy scrap-booker type (I know what you are thinking), but I love to make cards, collect stationary, art projects, gift wrap and shadow boxes a la Darcy Miller. Well, she is my inspiration!

Naturally I did a little happy dance in my seat when I saw Paper Source was coming to Westport. It's one of those stores I could literally spend hours in (if I had hours to spend) and it would be like a mini vacation for me. It's not open just yet, but likely this month.

While coming back from school drop-off the other day, I noticed a new store in the Blue Lemon lot. It's called Cursive NYC and based on the lovely window display I knew I would like it instantly. Unfortunately there were no parking spots when I had a chance to go last weekend, but I finally got to sneak some free time the other day during school.

It's a lovely store stocked with everything from gifts, jewelry and candles, to hand made greeting cards from Rifle Paper, among other brands. There was a gorgeous white ceramic fawn lamp in the window I was coveting. Loads of sweetly displayed unique washi tape, fragrant candles and other high-end gifts for someone special (or you!). Stop in when you get a moment.

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